Welcome in Gera!

The Gera Tourist Guide Association introduces itself.

Are you visiting Gera for the first time and would like to get to know the city better? Do you know Gera from your childhood and would like to refresh old memories? Do you live in Gera and still have the impression that you don't know enough about the place where you live? Would you like to show your friends the best side of Gera?

Every guest with every request is welcome! You can look forward to exciting insights and first-hand information about a city with an eventful history and an underestimated region.


Current news

Gera welcomes five new tour guides

The Gera tour guides have new members. Heidrun Heusinger, Bärbel Jähnert, Volker Urlau, Sabine Hesse and Kerstin Paulick (middle photo, front row, from left to right) received their certificates from our Lord Mayor Julian Vonarb in the town hall on January 29, 2024. Their training lasted over six months. All five acquired extensive knowledge of the city's history. In addition to a written exam, they all took an oral exam in the form of a guided tour of Gera's city center. The "newcomers" proved that they are committed to passing on their acquired knowledge to our guests. We warmly welcome them to our midst and wish them many wonderful tours with interested visitors.